The Trick to Buying a New Construction Home in Vegas or Henderson

Home inventory is surprisingly low in the Las Vegas valley right now. The economy is really humming and more and more people are buying houses.

One increasingly popular option is “new construction” homes. They’re usually more expensive than “pre-owned” resale homes but they provide some very nice benefits.

You can build a custom or semi-custom home to your own liking. Everything from the floor plan to the kitchen tile can often be chosen before construction even begins.

The trick with buying new build homes is not getting ripped-off or worse. Las Vegas and Henderson have long, ugly histories with disreputable home builders who left clients with gigantic, expensive messes.

Before you choose a builder, a community, or even a design it’s really important to do your own research. It’s also a good idea to hire an expert who can help you avoid the common pitfalls. Many people even hire lawyers to make sure they get exactly what they paid for and to avoid costly legal problems.

Here are 3 quick tips for buying a new construction home in Las Vegas or Henderson, NV:

1. Use a good real estate agent.

Not only can a knowledgeable local realtor be a huge asset, but in many cases you won’t even have to pay him or her! That’s because builders almost always pay fees and commissions to agents. So take the time to find someone who knows the area and has existing relationships with local builders.

2. Look for the best deals.

Custom home builders often offer big incentives to buyers in the form of discounts, rebates, and “free” home upgrades. Spend a week or two searching for these deals and you could end up saving yourself 1000’s or even tens of 1000’s of dollars!

3. Look at builder reviews and “scam” reports.

Las Vegas and Henderson have dozens of major home builders and 100’s of smaller contractors. Some are great, many are good, and quite a few are basically con artists. Before signing any contracts, be sure to research the builder online, making sure to look for honest reviews and reports on scam/rip-off sites.

You might also want to contact the Nevada state licensing board, theĀ Better Business Bureau, and even Las Vegas courts. If your builder has lots of lawsuits or complaints, you should probably find a new builder.

Finally, don’t assume the old, established home builders are completely trustworthy. One of the biggest, most well-known local builders is in the midst of some big-time problems in a new luxury Henderson community.

More tips from a Henderson real estate agent:

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Image source: Pardee Homes