7 Vegas Things We Love

road to Valley of Fire near Las Vegas, Nevada

We have a lot of cool stuff planned for this site. Las Vegas is a very exciting place to be right now — even more so than usual — so there’s no shortage of good topics to blog about.

To kick things off, we thought we’d list a few of our favorite Vegas-related topics. It’ll give you an idea of the ‘flavor’ of the content you’ll find here…

1. #VegasTech — In the past few years some of the world’s most brilliant entrepreneurial minds have converged in the Las Vegas valley… mostly in the Downtown area… and are creating some very cool tech startups. We plan to try to highlight some of the more interesting, lesser-known companies.

2. Local Businesses — It’s seems like, lately, an interesting new small biz opens up somewhere in the Vegas valley nearly every week. We love local businesses and will do our best to help them out.

3. Local Events — It’s nearly impossible to be bored in Vegas. There are fun and unique events happening here all the time. We’ll do our best to let you know about a few of the most interesting ones.

4. Vegas Art — LV is home to a thriving art community with a surprising number of talented artists creating some amazing art. We even have an entire “district” dedicated to local art. Unfortunately many artists and their works don’t get the attention they deserve. We’ll try to change that.

5. Unique Locals — This town is full of interesting and unique individuals. From blackjack dealers to bookstore owners to the people who own a lion habitat in the middle of the desert… we’ll try to interview as many as we can.

6. Vegas Education — Clark County, NV isn’t exactly known for having great schools. But some smart people are taking some very innovative steps to change that. We’ll do our best to help out.

7. Casinos — This is Vegas after all, and casinos/gambling are what made this crazy city in the middle of the Mojave possible. We’ll be posting reviews, videos, photos, and more stuff related to our favorite casinos, shows, restaurants, and attractions — both on and off the world famous Strip.

Obviously we’ll be posting things totally unrelated to the above topics occasionally but, for the most part, we plan to focus on that stuff for now.

Let us know if there’s something we forgot… thanks!